With New England being the greatest sports place in the world, we can help raise money by setting up a silent auction with autographed items from the Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics, Women’s Sports and Entertainment.  We take on the expenses so there is no cost to you. You NEVER pay us. We bring all the items, do all the work and give you a check.

You get to have all this jaw-dropping memorabilia generating tons of excitement with everyone in attendance. The only thing we need are tables and tablecloths from the venue and we handle the rest. We bring a worker with all the auction items and supplies. We gear the type of auction to the type of crowd in attendance from local blue-collar fundraisers to galas with doctors and CEOs. We have an auction set-up for everyone.

Already have your own auction? No problem you can still take advantage of the items from KBK Sports where we can simply lend you the items to add into your auction. We take on the expenses so there are no upfront costs or risk to you. You keep 100 percent of the money of the cost of the auction item. These items are in high-demand and generate a lot of buzz and excitement.  Any items not auctioned off you are free to return.

How do we get these items? We spend $500K+ every year on collectibles and memorabilia and help hundreds of fundraisers and organizations. Since we help so many and spend that amount of money we get the items at low wholesale costs through distribution, which we pass along to organizations. We have become a great resource to many organizations all over New England where we provide them access to these amazing items without any risk.

If you are interested in either auction program please call Jon Goode at 978-866-1523 or e-mail jgoode@kbk-sports.com.