At KBK SPORTS, we are well known for our silent auction programs. KBK Sports will come to an event, set-up the auction, process payments, and simply give revenue back to the organization, based on the success of the auction. The client receives 70% of the profits, which leaves all the risk to KBK Sports. Also, organizations are welcome to add their own items to their auction and receive 100% profit on the bids for those items.

There is a $150 set-up fee, which is taken out of the profits and covers the following: Expenses, gas, personnel, supplies, and 4% of all credit card purchases.
There will be an additional fee based on distance from Tewksbury, MA:
1. $25 for an event that is fifty (50) to seventy-four (74) miles away
2. $50 for an event that is seventy-five (75) to ninety-nine (99) miles away
3. $75 for an event that is greater than one hundred (100) miles away

Some clients run large, robust auctions, and hire us just to execute the sports memorabilia part of the auction. We can assist with propositions large and small!

Already have a silent auction in place? Let us help you boost your offering with additional unique items to generate deeper interest and raise more money! In this process, we simply provide the auction items and the client keeps 100% above the purchasing cost. After completion of the event, the client pays KBK Sports and if any items do not sell, they can be returned to KBK with no penalty. The silent auction items center around New England sports, most notably, Bruins, Celtics, Red Sox and Patriots signed memorabilia and pictures. Specific sports items can be requested depending on the type of event and when the event takes place. It is the clients’ responsibility to pick up the items at the KBK Sports headquarters in Nashua, NH or the KBK storage facility in Tewksbury, MA.

Deliveries can be made within twenty (20) miles of Tewksbury, MA or Nashua, NH for a fee of $40. Pick up after your event would be an additional $40.

Deliveries can be made to a location greater than twenty (20) miles from Tewksbury, MA or Nashua, NH for an additional charge. Please note: these items are unable to be returned and payment for all items can be made after the conclusion of your event.

Pick up is available for items in Tewksbury, MA Thursdays from 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM.

Please kindly return any extra items from the auction no later than two weeks after your event date. Thank you.